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We are located adjacent to Kent College Dubai – one of the best British Schools in Dubai. Join us for a one-to-one tour and info session to learn more about our World Class Facility. We offer the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum.

Kent Nursery School is your child’s home away from home – an early learning centre that enables fun, curiosity, creativity, learning and play.

Did you know that many foundational life skills are learnt at Nursery school or kindergarten? Have a look at the information below or on our blog page that explains more. You can also read more about what makes Kent Nursery School so special on our ‘Why Kent Nursery’ page.


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Why Kent Nursery?

In the next 2-4 years, your child will transition from nursery school into Foundation Stage Schooling. This is a big transition, and we believe that their experience in nursery school sets them up with a strong foundation to thrive in this next new step into ‘big school’.

Here at Kent Nursery we aim to provide an enabling environment that is designed to teach children independence in a manner and pace that is comfortable for them, and makes them feel confident and secure. In Dubai, we exist in the luxury of a multicultural environment where each and every child is recognised, appreciated, and celebrated for the individual that they are. Inclusion is a priority at Kent Nursery, and we strongly promote diversity and inclusion. As such, we celebrate each individual child’s uniqueness and ensure that every child feels heard and included, and knows that they are an integral part of the group. We place strong emphasis on discipline because we believe that children thrive in an environment where they have been given boundaries. We encourage this through consistent routines, and modelling our expectations to the children.

Above all else, Kent Nursery in Dubai is a home away from home, filled with love and fun. We adore what we do and are honoured that you have chosen us to walk this journey together.

Some Foundations that are set up in Nursery School

Children learn about social structures, get exposed to an array of personality-types through socialising with their peers, and learn to decide for themselves which of their peers are a good fit for them.

Children learn to share and wait their turn: whilst this may seem obvious, sharing is not inherent in most young children, and so in a nursery setting where multiple children want to play with the same toy, they are coached and mentored through the concepts of sharing, fairness and waiting their turn.

Children learn about structure that takes place outside of the home. Whilst nursery school is a lot more of a relaxed environment, there are some skills that are taught that will set them up for an easier transition into the more structured days required at FS and Junior School.

Separating from their parents at the door of the school or classroom is a challenging time for most young children. However, studies have shown that when children learn this skill from under the age of two, it is easier for them.


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As a top Nursery school and preschool in Dubai, Kent Nursery works closely with local governing bodies. Compliance audits and inspections are regularly carried out by these bodies to ensure that we meet high standards for your child’s health and safety.