Welcome to Kent Nursery Admissions!

Kent Nursery is a Top British Nursery in Dubai. Admissions is open year-round with early registrations accepted through 2024! Please find below more information on getting started with our Nursery Application process. We welcome all children to our Nursery setting, and we are proud of our visible commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

Admissions Enquiries and Visits

We invite all prospective parents to visit our preschool prior to applying. Parents are encouraged to contact admissions by email at reception@kentnursery.ae or call +971 (0) 4 318 0777 prior to completing the online application form.

Alternatively, please complete the Admissions Enquiry Form below and we will call you back.

CLICK HERE for Kent Nursery Admissions Enquiry Form

How to Apply

1. Complete the application form below

CLICK HERE for our Nursery School Application Form

2. Please submit the Application Form along with scanned versions of various registration documents, and proof of payment of the following fees: 

  • Pay the AED1,000 non-refundable registration fee.
  • Pay the AED500 non-refundable annual medical fee.
  • Pay AED1,000 rolling deposit. This is refundable when one full term’s notice is given prior to your child’s last day of attendance.

Registration is complete when scans of the supporting documentation has been provided to Admissions and the above fees have been paid.

This scanned documentation should be uploaded into the Application Form where prompted to do so, and includes:

  • Copies of the last nursery report (must be translated to English) where applicable – if your child has never attended nursery school, this report is not necessary.
  • A full colour scan of the child’s passport and birth certificate (in English or Arabic only)
  • A full colour scan of the child’s Emirates ID and residency visa (if available)
  • Full colour scans of the parent(s)/guardian(s) passport, residency visas and Emirates IDs (if available)
  • Copies/scans of relevant medical reports, learning support reports and/or educational psychologist’s assessments, if applicable.


Please note that the KHDA will not accept photographs of these documents. They will only accept full colour scans. Please therefore ensure that you have scanned digital versions of all of these documents on the device from which you will be completing the application form so that they are ready to be uploaded. If you don’t have access to a scanner, we recommend using one of the Scanning apps available on most App Stores such as Genius Scan.