Enhanced Curriculum at Kent Nursery

Singing for Learning: Enriching Education through Music!

Music holds a special place within our curriculum at Kent Nursery and Kent College, and we are proud to introduce our ‘Singing for Learning Programme’ for all our Nursery pupils. Through this program, all children will experience remarkable progress in language acquisition, guided by our dedicated Music and Arabic teachers. Our approach to teaching language is enhanced by extensive singing, as our Music and Arabic teachers work closely together to introduce relevant vocabulary and meaningful phrases through engaging songs. By immersing children in a musical environment, they actively listen to songs, comprehend lyrics, and learn to express themselves effectively. In our Singing for Learning Program, the children will have the opportunity to learn songs that are directly linked to their themes and topics across the curriculum. We believe in the power of music to enhance learning in all areas, including mathematics and Understanding the World.

Arabic Foundations at Kent Nursery

At Kent Nursery, we pride ourselves on an innovative and engaging approach to teaching Arabic. Through the use of play, song, and dance, our little learners embark on an exciting journey of language discovery. Playful activities and interactive games introduce Arabic alphabets and vocabulary, igniting curiosity and fostering a love for learning. By incorporating songs and actions, children effortlessly absorb language elements, making their Arabic learning experience enjoyable and memorable.

Our dedicated teaching team ensures that every child will receive the best support and guidance in their language journey. With energetic and talented educators leading Music and dance sessions, children experience the joy of movement while learning expressions and actions related to the Arabic language. This multi-sensory approach enhances language retention and fosters a positive connection to Arabic culture and traditions. As our young learners progress, they gain confidence in their abilities to communicate in Arabic, thus laying a strong foundation for future language development.

Performing Arts at Kent Nursery

At Kent Nursery, we take immense pride in our renowned Performing Arts program, which marks the beginning of an exciting artistic journey for our youngest pupils. Led by our outstanding Performing Arts team, who collaborate seamlessly across Kent Nursery and Kent College, our program encompasses Music, Drama, and Dance. We believe that early exposure to the arts is vital in nurturing creativity, self-expression, and confidence in young minds.

Through our Performing Arts curriculum, children are introduced to the enchanting world of music, exploring rhythm, melody, and instruments. Drama classes encourage imaginative play and storytelling, allowing our little actors to immerse themselves in various roles and scenarios. The dance component adds an element of grace and physical expression, helping children develop motor skills and a sense of body awareness. Our holistic approach to Performing Arts lays a strong foundation for their future in the arts, whether they choose to pursue a passion for creativity or simply develop invaluable skills that extend beyond the stage.