The Kent College Learner Profile is a set of attributes and values that are encouraged throughout the whole community – students, staff and parents – to adopt. At Kent Nursery we are mindful of these attributes and try to model these wherever feasible, and to teach them in an age-appropriate way. Our Learner Profile has been developed in collaboration with children and staff and equally reflects the KHDA’s vision for schools to develop 10 Key Character Traits.

  • Articulate *
  • Principled
  • Courageous *
  • Resourceful
  • Kind *
  • Resilient *
  • Creative*
  • Ambitious
  • Open-Minded
  • Reflective

These qualities are firmly embedded in learning and behaviour across Kent College and Kent Nursery. As children grow older, they will regularly consider the attributes of the Learner Profile and have a genuine understanding of each of the qualities, starting in the later years of Nursery (with the five *) and developing as the children move through the school.