Kent Nursery Virtual Tour

Welcome to Kent Nursery – a leading British Nursery School in Dubai. We pride ourselves on our world class purpose built nursery facility. Join us for a one-to-one tour of our preschool buildings. Please also feel free to give us a call to discuss any admission related questions you may have:
Tel. +971 4 318 0777

In the meantime, please click here to watch a Virtual Tour of Kent Nursery Dubai.

Indoor Soft Play Gym and Library

You’ll feel the Kent difference from the moment you enter our Nursery school. Our Nursery Manager Catherine Mulligan will welcome you into our comfortable reception area. Directly behind our Reception area is our large indoor soft play area where early years children are encouraged to climb, run, jump, play and explore! Just beyond the soft play area is our little library – one of our favourite spaces where children are encouraged to browse the accessible bookshelves to find the story of their choice. This bright and sunny space is decorated with the children’s art creations, and is complete with soft floor cushions so that your little ones can sit comfortably and look through their books.

Themed Rooms to Visit

Towards our classroom areas, we have multiple multi-purpose rooms that are themed. These rooms are also decorated by our children’s art, and themes change from time to time. Currently we have a Space Themed room and an Ocean themed room. These large spaces encourage gross motor skill development activities and our children love to explore these as a breakaway from the classroom.

Large Classrooms

Our classrooms are also light, bright, airy and spacious. We have lots of natural light that comes in through the large windows all over our Preschool. Each classroom has various areas such as a mat for on-the-mat activities, play areas, a reading nook, tables and chairs for more structured activities, freestanding activity tables and an in-classroom sink for handwashing before meals, and after messy play. Our Nursery school classrooms also have adjoining washrooms with low toilets and sinks for the little ones.

Outdoor Play Areas

Each nursery classroom has it’s own direct-access outdoor play area. Shade sails make for lovely shaded areas to protect the children from the sun. Our outdoor play areas have all sorts of stimulating play activities such as chalk boards, gardening boxes, scooters and tricycles (for the older children), stacking bricks, messy play stations, etc.

Larger Outdoor Playground

Additionally, we have another large outdoor space where classes visit individually. This space is ideal for running and park play, with a slide, hula hoops, a mud kitchen, balls and blocks.

Please do feel free to email us at
to schedule an after hours visit so that we can show you our purpose-built facilities.