Our Nursery near you boasts state of the art purpose-built facilities to welcome your little ones:

Small Class Sizes: 

We are fully committed to and compliant with the KHDA guidelines for nursery schools in Dubai. We have small class sizes and abide by the KHDA guidelines for class size bubbles. Our classes are usually smaller than the recommended bubble sizes. 

Indoor Soft Play Area:

We aim to be the best nursery near you, offering an inspiring and stimulating environment for your little ones. One of our inspiring spaces is our dedicated indoor soft play area where our nursery children can run, jump, laugh and play! Our soft play equipment is configurable so that we can regularly change the configurations. Some days we set it up as an obstacle course and on other days the children use the equipment to construct to their heart’s delight! 

Large Classrooms:

Kent Nursery is a purpose built facility, which means that the building was designed with Early Years Education in mind. We therefore offer wonderfully large classrooms that are big enough to accomodate play areas, seating areas, reading nooks, white boards, activity tables, digital smart-boards, low sinks for handwashing and adjoined washrooms. 

Qualified and Experienced Teachers:

All of our Nursery school teachers are fully qualified with British Cache level 3 or equivalent. We pride ourselves on our passionate educators that are experienced to deliver British Curriculum preschooling to your little ones. 

Teaching Assistants:

Each of our classes have at least one dedicated teaching assistant. The children adore our teachers and teaching assistants, as do we! 

Large Outdoor Spaces:

The best nursery schools are those that can offer a healthy balance of indoor and outdoor play. At Kent Nursery School each classroom has a dedicated outdoor play area accessible directly from the classroom. These outdoor areas are equipped with loads of fun equipment for gross motor development and play, such as tricycles, building bricks, hula hoops, raised activity tables for water play, chalk boards, mud kitchens etc. Furthermore, we have an additional larger outdoor space where children can run, jump, laugh and play. 

Additional Indoor Spaces:

At Kent Nursery we have the advantage of space… quite literally! Our Space Room, for example, is a large room that has been decorated according to the Space theme that we learned about earlier this year! There are planets and stars strung from the ceiling, twinkling lights, loads of the children’s artworks on the walls, a projector to show us footage of space, and a few space rockets for our nursery children to climb inside and take themselves on an adventure of the imagination! We have a similar room that is currently themed according to our Ocean Theme. The children love to visit these spaces, which are versatile enough to be a calm break away space (with reading nooks), or a space to run around and burn some energy!

Our Little Library:

As a British Curriculum Nursery, at Kent Nursery we just love books. We have in-classroom reading nooks where children can select their own book and sit on the carpet or little chairs to relax with their book, as well as story time with our teachers. We’ve recently opened our little library space, which is a beautifully calm space with low book shelves and floor cushions so that children can select a book and sit down to look through it. Our Nursery children love this space, which is also decorated with their artworks. 

Custom fit washrooms:

Being a purpose built preschool facility, our washrooms are custom fitted with small toilets that are much lower than a standard toilet, as well as low washbasins. This helps to instill confidence and independence for little ones. 

Dedicated Medical Centre with a full time DHA-registered nurse:

As a top preschool in Dubai, we are fully compliant with DHA and KHDA health guidelines, and as such we have a dedicated, fully equipped medical centre as well as a full time DHA Registered Nurse. 

In-classroom sinks for messy play:

All of our nursery classrooms are fitted with ultra low washbasins for easy handwashing between messy play activities or before meals. We encourage good hand hygiene and teach our early years children the importance of hand hygiene, as well as how to wash their hands properly. 

Solar-powered shaded car park:

We aim to be one of the most green nursery schools in Dubai, and so our car parks are shaded with solar-panels which help to power the school. The solar car park and rooftop project extends from Kent Nursery to Kent College Dubai Junior and Senior school, where all of the car parks have solar shades. Collectively, the solar power generated from these solar panels takes care of 50% of the school’s energy needs. 

Ample parking:

We are just off Al Ain Road, at the top of a quiet service road in Nad Al Sheba. Our nursery is also near Al Barari, The Villa and Falcon City. We have on site parking bays as well as bicycle parking for those families that choose to come to our nursery on foot/bicycle.

In the next 2-4 years, your child will transition into Foundation Stage Schooling. This is a big transition, and we believe that their experience in nursery school sets them up with a strong foundation to thrive in this next new step into ‘big school’.

Some of the foundations that are set up in nursery school:

  • Children learn about social structures, get exposed to an array of personality-types through socialising with their peers, and learn to decide for themselves which of their peers are a good fit for them.
  • Children learn to share and wait their turn: whilst this may seem obvious, sharing is not inherent in most young children, and so in a nursery setting where multiple children want to play with the same toy, they are coached and mentored through the concepts of sharing, fairness and waiting their turn.
  • Children learn about structure that takes place outside of the home. Whilst nursery school is a lot more of a relaxed environment, there are some skills that are taught that will set them up for an easier transition into the more structured days required at Foundation Stage and Junior School. These include snack times, lunch times, times to play and times to sit quietly on the mat for storytime.
  • Separating from their parents at the door of the school or classroom is a challenging time for most young children. However, studies have shown that when children learn this skill from under the age of two, it is easier for them.

Here at Kent Nursery we aim to provide an enabling environment that is designed to teach children independence in a manner and pace that is comfortable for them, and makes them feel confident and secure. In Dubai, we exist in the luxury of a multicultural environment where each and every child is recognised, appreciated, and celebrated for the individual that they are. Inclusion is a priority at Kent Nursery, and we strongly promote diversity and inclusion. As such, we celebrate each individual child’s uniqueness and ensure that every child feels heard and included, and knows that they are an integral part of the team. We place strong emphasis on discipline because we believe that children thrive in an environment where they have been given boundaries. We encourage this through consistent routines, and modelling our expectations to the children.

Above all else, Kent Nursery is a home away from home, filled with love and fun. We love what we do and are honoured that you have chosen us to walk this journey together.