Kent Nursery Dubai’s operating hours are 8am – 4pm, Sunday through Thursday.
Our core curriculum hours are 8am – 2pm, with the option of an Afternoon Club until 4pm.

Children can attend 2, 3 or 5 days per week, with the option of ‘term time’ or an all year round programme available. Children who attend our all year round programme attend nursery 49 weeks per year. This includes our camps and during half term, excluding the 3 weeks of the year the nursery is closed (2 weeks over summer, 1 week in December/January).

We aim to provide a relaxed and flexible Nursery environment where kids can be kids, whilst at the same time introducing them to some daily structure that will set them up to thrive in a school environment in years to come. Children participate in adult- and child-led learning experiences, following the EYFS’s 7 areas of development. These areas include PSE (Personal, Social and Emotional) Development, as well as age-appropriate Mathematics and Literacy. We will take our learning outside as often as possible. Our gym and extensive outdoor environment will be used to focus on both fine and gross motor skills.